Scholarship Information

Family Scholarships

Individuals or families may apply at anytime during the year. Receipts may be turned in with an application or a request may be made and receipts turned in by December 1st of the application year. Guidelines and applications are available to download. All of our scholarships are reimbursement scholarships for out of pocket cost families incur supporting a child with ASD. 

The Autism Support of West Shore (ASWS) seeks to provide support to families facing autism. Our founders envisioned that ASWS would provide a beacon of hope and a safe place where parents,educators and individuals with autism could gather. We do not turn anyone away and our motto is“ASWS — A Place Where Everyone Fits.”. In keeping with this spirit of inclusion, we do not place income restrictions on those who seek our help.

Guidelines for our scholarships:
  1. Families seeking scholarship funding must apply to ASWS in writing, clearly stating how the money will be used. A one- or two-sentence explanation is sufficient. Application forms will be available in our newsletter and on our website, Categories include but are not limited to: therapies such as speech, physical, play, auditory and occupational; safety equipment, such as locks and tracking devices; academic help (tutoring outside school), etc. The Autism Society of West Shore does not endorse any specific therapy or treatment.

  2. Families seeking scholarship funding should state an approximate dollar amount. The total annual amount a family can receive from ASWS will depend on the amount of applicants and the funds available. Scholarships must be received no later than November 15th to be considered for the application year.

  3. Families must provide receipts for the services or products received in order to receive reimbursement from ASWS. Reimbursement will not be given until the receipts are turned in.  All receipts must be turned in by December 1st of the application year to receive reimbursement.

  4. Families applying for scholarships are required to volunteer 5 hours of service with ASWS through a variety of volunteer opportunities, which are listed on the application. Volunteer requirements must be met for a new scholarship application to be considered.

  5. If a scholarship request is approved volunteer hours must be met before receipts can be turned in and reimbursed.

  6. Requests will be considered on a per-case basis and are not related to the individual’s income. All requests are kept strictly confidential. 

     7. Completed applications should be mailed to: Autism Support of West Shore, Attn. Scholarship Committee, 
         P.O. Box 39, Spring Lake, MI 49456.

Teacher Scholarships

Members may nominate a classroom teacher, special education or general education, who has a child/children with Autism in their class.  Scholarships are for classroom supplies that assist the child with Autism participate in the curriculum and all aspects of the class and school experience.  Teacher scholarships may be downloaded from the website.