It's Your Decision

Each individual with autism brings a unique collection of strengths and challenges to daily living. Because Autism manifests differently in each person, families have to make complicated personal decisions for education, treatment, and interventions to assist their child.  It is important to do your own research and make your own informed decisions. Please note that the Autism Support of West Shore does not endorse any specific therapy, product, treatment, strategy, opinions, service or individual.

We do, however, endorse your right to information. The Autism Support of West Shore seeks to celebrate and support all of these individuals and families.

Who We Are

The Autism Support of West Shore (ASWS) is a non-profit organization advocating and supporting meaningful participation in all aspects of life for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families throughout the West Michigan area.

The Autism Support of West Shore provides the Hope newsletter, a quarterly newsletter featuring family interviews, summaries of relevant ASWS events and calendar of activities locally and around the state, monthly informal social groups for parents, families, and those who care about individuals with autism to meet, drink coffee, eat, and talk, regular meetings featuring guest speakers and workshops. Family activities for parents, siblings, and children with ASD are also planned throughout the year. Scholarships are available to qualified families to assist with education, equipment, and treatment. The Autism Support of West Shore also provides resource information and networking.

We Strive to Increase...

Awareness - fostering a better understanding of the struggles and success individuals on the spectrum and their families face daily.

Support – serving as a resource for parents, care providers and educators who are seeking information while offering support and financial assistance to families.

Acceptance – providing social opportunities for families and advocating for understanding and acceptance in the broader community, including educational, treatment and religious settings.

Hope – facilitating a realistic vision for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families across the lifespan.